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  Ray Hernandez  

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Helping the Community Celebrate

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          My love affair with photography

    I took some photos at my best friend’s birthday party when I was 15 years old, and I was hooked, from the moment, I first saw my ability to capture emotions in these photos.  
Years later and with a much better camera, I was thrilled to join the Queens College (N.Y.C) newspaper as a freelance photographer.  While there, I developed a new passion, this time the dark room, where I created all my images. This exposure helped me discover  my creativity and allowed me to refine my craft to an advanced level. Shortly there after, I began to intern at Wilhelmina Model and Talent Agency in New York City. This experience sharpened my ability to spot talent and helped me to develop my unique photographic technique and style. I enjoy what I do and it shows in every photograph. I continually improve my technique and pride myself in exceeding my clients’ expectation.


   My careful concern for my clients’ desires has allowed me to capture images at exclusive events. For instance, I photographed with much discretion and decorum a funeral for a member of the U.S. Military Service, I also capture very emotional images at a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as a tiny baby girl held on to life after a severe complication during her birth. Thank God, she was able to go home; I was later requested to take photos at the same little girls’ first birthday party. I call her, my miracle photo baby.

For your convenience, I will travel to a location of your choice: park - beach - restaurant - or just to your own special place. I have a passport and, I will travel to a destination wedding as well as family vacation or family reunion.

I am convinced that by offering you my God given talent, along with my experience and commitment to excellence, you will find my service worthy of sharing with your friends and family.

  My personal and professional goal is your satisfaction therefore;

as your photographer, I will do everything possible to offer you a quality service, and value.

I hope my website has offered you a clear insight into my talent and style. Thank you for visiting, please feel free to call me anytime (813) 394 - 6424 with any question you may have.

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